1. Can I use any container to sample my water?

No. You must use a specific bottle given by the laboratory. There are specific bottle for each analysis requested.

2. What is the holding time for my analysis?

Holding time varies on the type of analysis required. For exemple, microbiological testing is usually done in 3 to 5 buisiness days while other parameters are usually done on 5 to 10 buisiness days.

3. Can Multilab help me choose the water treatment I sould chose for my water?

No. Multilab can only provide analytical results. Many equipment retailer can provide description and pricing on water treatment solutions.

4. What can I do if my test results indicate bacteria contamination of my well?

The link below can inform you on the quantity of bleach required and method to you to get rid of the bacteria.

5. When can I bring samples to the laboratory?

Monday : 8:00 | 16:30
Tuesday : 8:00 | 16:30
Wednesday : 8:00 | 16:30
Thursday : 8:00 | 16:00
Friday : Not accepted
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed
Monday : 8:00 | 16:30
Tuesday : 8:00 | 16:30
Wednesday : 8:00 | 16:30
Thursday : 8:00 | 16:30
Friday : 8:00 | 16:30
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

All samples received after 16:00 are considered as received the next day.

6. Can I preserve my sample in the refrigerator for many days ?

Yes and No. Every analysis has a specific holding time. Please refer yourself to the laboratory or the sample container guide.